Directions & Parking

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To Get Directions:
Click the “To here” link in the bubble on the map. Enter your starting address and click the “Go” button. This will open a page displaying directions for getting here.

From Metro- Blue/Orange Line
Exit the blue/orange line at Capitol South. Once out of metro, turn left and walk straight on First St NE. After two blocks, you will reach East Capitol St Turn right, walk to 5th St NE, and turn left. The church is at the next intersection, with A St NE.

Metro- Red Line
Exit the red line at Union Station. Walk out to Massachusetts Avenue, continue to the left until you reach 4th St NE. Turn right on 4th St NE, walk straight until A St NE, and turn left on A St NE. Walk straight on A St and the church is between 5th St NE and 6th St NE.

Parking Information

Capitol Hill Baptist Church welcomes you to worship the Lord Jesus Christ with us each Sunday. While parking is available, as a city church, demand often exceeds supply. Here are a few issues to consider.

Street Parking
There are free parking spaces in the surrounding blocks that do not have time limits. By using street parking, you will have more flexibility following the service.

Parking Lots
We have two parking lots:

  • Large lot: 5th Street NE entrance
  • Small lot: A Street NE entrance

There are no specially designated visitors or members lots – all can park in either lot.

Double Parking (Any parking which blocks someone else from exiting)
Regular spaces in each lot are typically filled 20-30 minutes before each service. If the regular parking spaces in a lot are filled, a parking lot manager will direct you to double park. In the event you need to double-park:

  • You will be handed a black pager, which will be paged immediately following the service and at regular intervals until you exit the lot. Please put pagers in a place you can hear them, and not in your purse or coat pocket that is hung in the hallway.
  • If you are double parked and are near the lot entrance, it is especially important that you move your car immediately following the end of the service.
  • If you are double parked and have children, please consider having one spouse retrieve the car while the other picks up the children.
  • The parking lot manager will collect the pager at the exit of the lot as you leave.

Parking Lot Closure
Parking lots close either 15 minutes after the start of each service or when lots become full. Signs are placed in the lots indicating when lots are closed. Please do not move this sign or park in the lot when it is closed, even if you think you see empty spaces.

Special Needs Parking
Both CHBC lots have two spaces each for special needs visitors. Once double parking begins, the space may be taken. To have access to these spaces, plan to arrive before 10:15 AM or 5:45 PM. Should you need assistance, please call the church office at 202-543-6111.The parking lot manager will seek to assist you as necessary. Please note that the special needs spaces and double parking spaces are about the same distance from the church entrances.

Seasonal Variations to Parking Lot Demand
The highest demand for spaces in our lots occurs between December through March. During those months, the lots will typically be full by the start of each service.

Why All these Parking Lot Guidelines?
Parking can seem like a very mundane task—and yet a few moments of forgetfulness can lead to resentment or tension that threatens unity within our church and our witness to the community. With your cooperation, we can demonstrate to one other and to our community that God’s holiness has implications for the pulpit as well as the most mundane of tasks.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!