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Upcoming Sermons

We provide a list of upcoming sermons with the titles and texts of messages to be preached over a four-month span. By giving this information ahead of time, we encourage thoughtful engagement with the text prior to hearing the sermon. In this way, we hope people will better grasp the Word that speaks with authority and grace to all who will hear it.

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Sermons By Series

May — August 2018

Date Scripture Title Preacher

The Supreme Court

One last sermon in Romans 3
May 6 Romans 3:27-31 The Life of the Forgiven Mark Dever

Wise Ethics

Six studies in the Proverbs
May 13 Proverbs 10:1 Honor Your Father and Your Mother Mark Dever
May 20 Proverbs 1:10-12 You Shall Not Murder Mark Dever
May 27 Proverbs 2:16-19 You Shall Not Commit Adultery Mark Dever
June 17 Proverbs 11:1 You Shall Not Steal Mark Dever
July 8 Proverbs 10:18 You Shall Not Bear False Witness Mark Dever
July 15 Proverbs 6:18 You Shall Not Covet Mark Dever

Judgment and Salvation

Four studies in Isaiah
June 3 Isaiah 10 Woe Blake Boylston
June 10 Isaiah 12 Rejoicing James Choi
July 22 Isaiah 13 Judgment Charles Hedman
July 29 Isaiah 14 Restoration Matt Merker

Rescued for What?

Five studies in Exodus
June 24 Exodus 14:1–15:21 Rescued for Worship Bobby Jamieson
July 1 Exodus 15:22–18:27 Rescued for Trust Bobby Jamieson
August 19 Exodus 19:1–20:21 Rescued for Holiness Bobby Jamieson
August 26 Exodus 20:22–24:18 Rescued for Justice Bobby Jamieson
September 2 Exodus 25–31 Rescued to Dwell with God Bobby Jamieson


Two studies in I Peter 1
August 5 I Peter 1:1-2 Election Mark Dever
August 12 I Peter 1:3-5 Salvation Mark Dever


 Digital audio of our sermons are available online.