Like man’s need for salvation, so the church’s need for purity before God. Without salvation, man is lost to judgment. Without purity, the church is lost to the world. CHBC neither hides from eternity’s hard realities nor yawns at its promises but preaches and ministers in a spirit of truth and love. We do so with a desire to see Christ exalted in faraway lands, local communities, and healthy congregations around the world.

To act on these passions, we teach about and give heavily to international missions. At home, we seek to involve ourselves in our neighborhoods, schools, and workplaces. At church, we work through our own ministry, IX Marks Ministries, to communicate a biblical vision for churches hoping to honor God and live by His Word. These efforts to reach out to the world and the church are not ends in themselves. Rather, they are springboards by which we involve ourselves in the cause of the gospel.