Healthy Churches

In an age when the church has fallen under attack by forces both within and without, Capitol Hill Baptist Church seeks a healthy corporate life for churches across the world. We exercise our commitment to the health of other congregations through 9Marks, begun in 1998. 9Marks exists to advocate a Biblical model for the church that is based in nine biblical distinctives, or marks. 9Marks holds out scripturally-based means like expositional preaching, church discipline, and church membership as the tools by which to build a God-glorifying church.

9Marks communicates this vision through written material, including the foundational book Nine Marks of a Healthy Church, audio interviews, and an ever-expanding electronic library of book reviews and articles from thoughtful church leaders at Additionally, our pastor, Mark Dever, allots time each year to travel and speak on matters concerning the church. Through these efforts, we seek to encourage modern day churches to build their lives together on principles gleaned from the Word of God.