Deacon & Deaconess Bios

Deacon of Bookstall

Paul Conner

Paul Conner Paul grew up in Greenville, S.C. in a Christian family and responded to the gospel at a young age, but it wasn’t until high school that he was baptized and began to live as a Christian. He grew in love for the Lord at North Greenville University with the help of good friends, by sitting under the preaching at Grace Church, and by reading John Piper’s book “Don’t Waste Your Life.” After graduating in 2011, he moved to Washington, D.C. for a job and joined Capitol Hill Baptist Church that year. He works as an editor for a news website and is thrilled to be engaged to marry Abby Bates, also a CHBC member, in February 2015.

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Deacon of Budget

Nick Rodriguez

Nick RodriguezBorn and raised in Southern California, Nick always had a sense that something was not quite right with the world he lived in – but it wasn’t until he was a graduate student that the Lord convicted him of sin and brought him to faith through the ministry of a local church in London. Since then, all of Nick’s life has been divided into two periods: before and after. Nick has been a member of CHBC almost since his conversion; in that time, he has been blessed to become both a husband (to Wensa) and a father (to Ezra). Nick is grateful for the way the Lord has used the ministry of CHBC to grow him through these seasons; his work as deacon of budget is one small way in which he hopes to serve in return.

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Deaconess of Child Care

Paige Agostin

Paige AgostinBorn in Shreveport, LA – raised in Louisville, KY – attended school in Dallas, TX – Paige is a southerner through and through. Having always attended church, it’s hard for her to remember a time when she didn’t believe in God. However, it was in high school and then college with the faithful teaching of her youth group and college ministers where the gospel really became clear. After graduating in 2010 she moved to D.C. for an internship at one of the many think tanks around town. CHBC was within walking distance and had been highly recommended, she went the first Sunday and never looked back. Paige now works for a U.S. Senator and lives on the hill. She loves fly fishing, running, cooking, and has been known to chime in whenever the topic is political. In her view tea time is at half past 3pm and isn’t to be missed if at all possible.

Sara Edwards

Sara Edwards Sara was born and raised in East Texas to Christian parents, but it was after the Lord’s pursuit of her throughout her teenage and college years that she came to understand the Gospel and her need for a Savior. Shortly after moving to DC in 2011, Sara found CHBC and has continued to grow through the church’s faithful teaching of scripture and the strong community of believers. Sara enjoys Big Red, big hair, and touring the city with her dog.

Leslie Tatum

Leslie Tatum Leslie was born and raised in a pastor’s family in southwest Virginia. Through her parents’ faithful witness, she came to an understanding of the gospel at a young age and deepened that understanding and commitment throughout her teen years in youth group. She moved to DC as an intern in January 2008 and found CHBC on Easter Sunday of that year. After graduating from Liberty University in May of 2008, Leslie returned to DC and joined CHBC in early 2009. She lives and works on Capitol Hill for a member of the U.S. House of Representatives and appreciates the solid teaching and accountability at CHBC. In her spare time, Leslie is most likely reading, hanging out with friends and cheering for the Washington Nationals.

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Deacon of Children’s Ministry

Darren Rogers

Darren Rogers Darren grew up in Louisville, Kentucky with a loving, extended family. After joining the Army out of high school, he spent some time in various duty stations (at home and abroad) before being settled in Washington, D.C. in 2009. By the grace of God and the faithful evangelism of his cousin, he was converted in December 2010 at the age of 24. After joining CHBC in the spring of 2011, he soon met the woman who became his best friend, Amy, and married her in February 2013! Since leaving the Army, Darren now works as an IT consultant; he likes to read good books, engage in conversation, and laugh. He also enjoys spending time with his lovely wife, and serving with her in child care and the International Student’s Ministry.

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Deaconess of College Ministry

Jenn Fedor

Fedor Jenn was born in Cleveland, Ohio but at a young age loved frequent family trips to DC and Annapolis where she became a Navy football fan. When in college Jenn spent four summers at various internships in DC on Capitol Hill. It was during her second summer of living a house facilitated by Christians that she heard the gospel clearly for the first time. Upon her return to Akron, Jenn began attending a church and joined their college ministry where she lived with a great family who encouraged her in walk with the Lord. She moved to DC in 2002 and is now an Account Director for a Strategic Communications firm in DC and currently resides in Alexandria. In her free time, she loves to hang out with college students, attend Navy football games, photography and spending time with families from church.

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Deacon of Community Outreach

Austin Suter

Austin Suter Austin was born in Harrisonburg, Virginia and spent several years in Nepal as a missionary kid. He was converted as a college student then moved to DC where he has lived since 2009. He studied political science and nonprofit advocacy work at George Mason University and now works for a Christian ministry in the DC area.

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Deaconess of Hospitality

Thomasine Laib

Thomasine Laib Thomasine wandered into CHBC in August 2012 shortly after moving to DC after work with International Justice Mission in Rwanda. Thomasine became a Christian early on in life, under the influence of Christian parents and her five older brothers, all from the Chicago area. She later fell in love with the idea of taking the gospel to those who otherwise would not hear the Truth, and as a result, she lived and worked with an unreached people group in Madagascar. Thomasine loves Irish Step Dance and might be found on a random sidewalk or park working out a Step routine.

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Deacon of International Outreach

Isaiah Goodall

Isaiah Goodall Isaiah grew up in Elkton, VA, a small town in the Shenandoah Valley. In God’s goodness and love, he was born into a Christian family and always believed in God. It wasn’t until middle school that he first heard and believed the Gospel when it was clearly explained in an email from an acquaintance. Isaiah attended college at Virginia Tech, where the Lord grew him in his faith and love for evangelism and missions through Campus Crusade for Christ and leading their international student ministry. Following graduation, Isaiah completed the Trinity Fellows Program in Charlottesville, VA, and then moved to DC to propose to his wife, Betsy, and soon after joined CHBC in the summer of 2009. Isaiah works for a small consulting firm that provides data analytics and fraud detection services to government agencies. He enjoys spending time with his lovely wife Betsy, playing football and basketball, getting to know international students, and getting out of the city to go hiking or canoeing.

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Deaconess of Library

Beth Parker

Beth Parker Biography coming soon.

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Deacon of Media

Patrick Smith

Patrick SmithPatrick lived in North Carolina and New Jersey before calling Washington, D.C. home. Attending CHBC with friends, he learned about the importance of church membership. Convicted, Patrick joined Capitol Hill Baptist in 2006, where he later met his wife. They have one daughter.

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Deacons of Member Care

John and Katy Winstead

John and Katy Winstead Born in Louisville, Kentucky and raised in El Paso, Texas, John grew up in a Christian family. After grad school, he moved to Washington, DC in 2006 for a job with the U.S. Dept. of Labor and began attending CHBC. Born and raised in a Navy family, Katy moved frequently around the U.S. After she graduated from Grove City College in 2004, she moved to Washington, DC and joined CHBC in 2006. John and Katy met at CHBC and had their first date during the 2010 Snowmaggedon. They were married in 2011 and are happy parents to their son, David.

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Deacon of Ordinances

Steven Rankin

Steven Rankin Biography coming soon.

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Deacon of Parking

George Fleeson

George Fleeson Born in Washington, D.C., and raised in Northern Virginia, George came to CHBC in 2006 and became a member in 2007. He was taken with CHBC’s high standard of teaching and its commitment to the local church. There he also met his wife, Becky, whom he married in 2012. George spends the happiest parts of his time in fellowship and with his family, and works as a consultant for Deloitte and Touché.

Deacons of Sound

Jaron Cookson

Jaron Cookson Biography coming soon.

Tim Chiang

Tim Chiang Biography coming soon.

Todd Stephenson

Todd Stephenson Todd grew up in Pennsylvania. He has also lived in New Jersey and in Europe. He grew up in a family that values God’s word. Todd joined Capitol Hill Baptist Church in 2009. He appreciates both the preaching and the love that are found in CHBC.

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Deacon of Ushers

Ian Will

Ian Will Ian was born in Takoma Park, Maryland and was raised in a Christian family hearing the gospel and seeing it lived out. He moved to Blacksburg, VA where he attended college at Virginia Tech. After graduating with a degree in computer science in 2005, he moved to DC and began attending Capitol Hill Baptist Church. Ian met his wife Adrienne at Capitol Hill Baptist, and was married in June 2011. He currently lives in DC and works as a computer programmer. He enjoys spending time with his wife, hiking, rock climbing, and photography.

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Deaconesses of Weddings

Tara Morgan

Tara Morgan Tara was born and raised in North Mississippi, where she heard the gospel at an early age. She became a Christian when she was 12 years old, and grew in her faith throughout her high school and college years, especially through the ministry of the Baptist Student Union at Mississippi State University. After graduating in 2010, Tara moved to DC and joined CHBC in 2011. She works for a U.S. Congressman, proudly representing the people of North Mississippi, and she is excited to be marrying Marshall Gaddis in April 2015. Tara enjoys sharing Mississippi trivia, glass-bottled Coca-Cola, and cheering for the MSU Bulldogs.

Sarah Parker

Sarah Parker Sarah grew up in Erie, Pennsylvania but now goes home to visit her family in much warmer and sunnier Phoenix, Arizona. After attending Wheaton College, she spent two years in the Peace Corps in Benin, West Africa, worked for a nonprofit doing development work in Haiti, and eventually moved to DC to attend graduate school in international relations at Johns Hopkins University. She now works as a financial sector specialist with the World Bank and has been a member of CHBC since 2008. Sarah was blessed to have been raised in a godly Christian home where her father was a pastor, and appreciates more and more the wonderful sovereignty of God as she travels to strange and complicated places for her work. She is an avid sports fan and probably spends way too much time on

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Church Clerk

Jackie Galonska

Jackie Galonska Biography coming soon.


Rachel Chiang

Rachel Chiang Rachel was born and raised in Shanghai before moving to the U.S. at the age of 12. She graduated with a B.S. in Finance and Accounting from Indiana University and soon after moved to DC and started attending CHBC. She is married to Tim Chiang, Deacon of Sound. They have one collie together.