Staff Bios

Elder Staff

Some of our elders are employed by the church.

Charles Hedman

Pastoral Assistant

Charles HedmanBiography coming soon.

Chris Herndon

Facilities Manager

CHerndonChris joined CHBC in 2001 and became facilities manager in 2012. Born in Washinton DC, he was an electrician for 14 years before joining the church staff. He lives on Capitol Hill with his wife Martha. His five children are Jasmine, Grace, Donald, Elijah, and Shane. He is a graduate of Pillsbury Baptist Bible College and Dallas Theological Seminary (ThM).

John Joseph

Pastoral Assistant

John JosephBiography coming soon.

Gio Lynch

Children’s Ministry Administrator

Gio LynchGio is a Brooklyn NY native who first came to CHBC back in 2000 as a student and became a member in 2004 when work brought her back to DC. Since then she has come and gone several times but is now very happy to be able to serve the church that has served her so well over the years. In her spare time, Gio enjoys hiking, camping and 18th century English country dancing.

Matthew Merker

Pastoral Assistant

Matt grew up in Long Island, NY and believed the good news of Jesus at a young age. After completing a degree in religious studies and music at Vanderbilt University in 2006, Matt returned to NY to serve on the staff of Shelter Rock Church. He moved to DC to participate in the CHBC Pastoral Internship in 2009. Following the internship, Matt worked as a music teacher until coming on staff at CHBC as a Pastoral Assistant in the summer of 2010. He enjoys reading, creating music, food, and especially spending time with his wife, Erica. Matt and Erica are in the process of adopting a child from Ethiopia.

Lindsey Parker

Office Manager

LParkerLindsey was raised in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina through her high school years. After high school, she attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and began what would be some of her most formative years as a Christian. It was during this time that God led her to Providence Baptist Church, where she began to grow in love for God and His word, and thus grew in her understanding of the vital role of the local church in the life of the believer and in God’s mission to make disciples of all nations. She spent her first year out of college in Central Asia, then returned to Raleigh, where she worked alongside the Pastor of Missions for four years. She began attending CHBC in the spring of 2010, during what was intended as a weekend visit. A weekend visit turned into a month, which lead to a decision to move here permanently.

Rob Smythe

Pastoral Assistant, Receptionist

RSmytheRob was born and raised in the Chicago area in a Christian home. He assumed he was a Christian until God opened his eyes to see that being a Christian was more than going to church on Sundays because his parents told him to go. He then came to a saving faith in Jesus in his teenage years. He attended Boyce College in Louisville, Kentucky and then spent over a year in South Asia in 2008 and 2009 serving a church alongside a pastor and friend. While there, he discovered how much he didn’t know about ministry. So he interned for two years at a church in London followed shortly thereafter by the Spring 2012 CHBC internship. He began serving as Receptionist in January 2013. He is married to his beautiful wife Katye and they have an adorable baby girl, Evalynn.