CHBC has two major ties: firstly to our own church history, and secondly to the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). The years already passed at CHBC bear testimony to the grace of God. The congregation rose from nothing, grew to great heights, entered into a long, slow decline through the mid-twentieth century, and revived once more to vitality. In his continual faithfulness to our church, God has shown much kindness to the church on the Hill.

He has also been pleased to bless our ties to the SBC. We serve in friendly cooperation with the SBC to partner with its churches in supporting national and international causes. In an era fraught with doctrinal infidelity, CHBC is grateful to God for the resurgence of belief in the founding truths of Southern Baptists. By training pastors and sending missionaries, our association with other SBC congregations contributes to work that we trust will bring glory to God.