Church History

This core seminar consists of 13 lessons

1. Persecution and Expansion (100-300)

2. The Early Church (100-300)

3. Church and State (300-500)

4. The Church at War (5th, 6th, and 9th Centuries)

5. The High Middle Ages (950-1500)

6. Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation (1483-1546)

7. Zwingli, Calvin, and the Reformed Churches

8. English Reformation

9. Puritanism*

10. Great Awakening and Jonathan Edwards*

11. Enlightenment, Modernity, and Revivalism (1750-1850)*

12. Baptist History and the World Missions Movement*

13. Capitol Hill Baptist Church*

To download the manuscripts and handouts for this class, click here.

All files are in Microsoft Word format. Updated February 2012

*Select lessons have an outline available instead of a full manuscript

Main Resource

Handbook to the History of Christianity by Tim Dowley