This core seminar consists of 13 lessons

1. Introduction

2. God’s Sovereignty, Man’s Responsibility

3. What is the Gospel – Defining the Truth that Saves

4. Sharing Your Personal Testimony in Evangelism

5. They Believe This Too? – The Power of Corporate Witness in Evangelism

6. Two Ways to Live

7. Christianity Explored

8. How Do I Become All Things To All People? – Contextualizing the Gospel

9. How Do I Get Started? – Being Intentional and Strategic in Evangelism

10. How Do I Talk With Family, Friends, and Co-Workers about Christ?

11. Fighting the Fear of Man and Rejection

12. But What if They Ask… Answering Objections in Evangelism

13. Evangelism Panel Questions

To download the manuscripts and handouts for this class, click here

All files are in Microsoft Word format.


Main resources used to develop the class:

Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God, J.I. Packer
Tell the Truth, Will Metzger
Speaking of Jesus, Mack Stiles
2 Ways to Live
Christianity Exploresd