Living as a Church

This core seminar consists of 13 lessons

1. Unity: A display of God’s Glory in the Local Church

2. Church Membership: The Context for Unity

3. Preaching: The Foundation for Unity

4. Prayer: God’s Power Creates Unity

5. Church Governance: Godly Authority Fostering Unity

6. Church Fellowship: Building a Bond of Unity

7. Discontentment within the Church: A Test of Unity

8. Church Leadership: Submission for the Sake of Unity

9. Church Discipline: Preserving God-Glorifying Unity

10. Encouragement: Safeguarding Unity in Holiness

11. Giving and Service: Sacrifice for the Sake of Unity

12. Corporate Worship: Celebrating God-Given Unity

13. Evangelism: A Harvest of Unity

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All files are in Microsoft Word format.