Are internships offered in the summer? Currently, we offer internships for the Spring (January to May) and the Fall (August to December).

Can I be married and do an internship? Yes, but in any given semester we may not be able to accept as many married applicants based on our ability to provide housing.  It is especially rare for us to accommodate those who are married with children, but we would still welcome your application for the internship.

Can I get seminary credit for doing the internship? Certain seminaries have offered credit hours to those who have finished the internship program. Since it is the seminary’s decision, check with them first.

I’m not sure I want to be a pastor. Can I still do the internship? We encourage those who are seriously considering or currently in pastoral ministry to apply for the program.


How early should I apply? Try to apply at least a year in advance. Spaces are limited so getting your application in early is wise.

When do you hold Intern Preview Weekends? Since we normally require all intern applicants to attend an Intern Preview Weekend, we usually hold these Weekends twice a year, once in the winter (Jan-Feb) and once in the summer (Jul-Aug). Invitations to Intern Preview Weekends are extended to applicants once they have submitted their application for the internship. If you are an international applicant, we may ask you to attend a 9Marks Weekender in lieu of an Intern Preview Weekend.

Is CHBC able to provide internships for women? Because the internship is for those interested in pastoral ministry, we do not provide internships for women.

Where should I be in my education before doing the internship? A college degree is usually expected for intern candidates. Past interns have applied before, during, and after their theological education.

What if English is not my first language- can I still be an intern? Yes. Please contact Brad Wheeler at (202) 543-6111 for more information.

Is a stipend provided for the interns? Housing is provided during the internship, and each intern receives a stipend of $1200/month to cover living expenses.

Will I be able to work while doing the internship? By providing a stipend and housing, interns are freed up from working outside of the church and can spend their time learning about and observing the church.

Where does vacation fit in with the internship? Outside of government holidays, no vacation is provided.

How are interns involved in the church? Interns are involved in various ministries of the church. However, interns will not be responsible to oversee any specific ministry. Much of what interns do involves reading, writing and observing the daily ministry of CHBC.