Where Are They Now?

Through the internship program, CHBC has invested heavily in the lives of dozens of men hoping to serve God and His church as pastors. The program started in 1998 with one intern and has since grown to include at least twelve full-time interns each year. While we do not know yet the full fruits of CHBC’s investment in the church, we do know what our past interns are doing currently. Periodically, we ask them to update us on what is happening in their lives. We hope that in doing so we will enable our site visitors to know how the internship has affected lives and to possibly discover a potential candidate for a ministry position.

The past shows a strong planting of pastoral seeds at CHBC. We hope that the stories written here only multiply in number and bring much glory to God.

Name Season/Year Current Information
Carl Slezacek spring, 1998 Assistant Pastor, Victoria Baptist Church, East Sussex, UK
Deepak Reju summer, 1998 Associate Pastor, CHBC
Paul Roberts summer, 1999 Dean of Library Services,Oklahoma Baptist University, Shawnee, OK
Bert Daniel summer, 1999, 2000 Pastor, Berea Baptist Church, Grovetown, GA
Greg Gilbert fall, 2000 Pastor, Third Avenue Baptist Church, Louisville, KY
Jonathan Leeman fall, 2000 Elder at CHBC; 9Marks Director of Communications
Byron Straughn spring, 2001 Staff, Campus Crusade for Christ, Exton, PA
Hunter Powell fall, 2002 Working in Austin, TX
Matthew Spandler-Davison fall, 2002 Pastor, Bardstown Christian Fellowship, Bardstown, KY
Jonathan Christman spring, 2003 Pastor, Heritage Baptist Church Owensboro, Kentucky
James Santos spring, 2003 Pastor of Counseling, Sojourn Community Church, East Campus, Louisville, KY
Paul Alexander spring, 2003 Pastor, Grace Covenant Church of Fox Valley, Elgin, IL
Ryan Townsend spring, 2003 Elder, CHBC; 9 Marks Executive Director
Jeremy Eng spring, 2003 Working in Los Angeles, CA
Jeremy Yong spring, 2003 Pastor, FBC Hacienda Heights, CA
Kyle Newcomer fall, 2003 Pastor, Mills Road Baptist Church, Houston, TX
David Dykes fall, 2003 Elder, Clifton Baptist Church, Louisville, KY; Working in Louisville, KY
Fredy Hernandez fall, 2003 Pastor, Iglesia Bautista Hispana Guilford, Sterling, VA
Chris Ambridge fall, 2003 Working in Washington, DC
Owen Strachan fall, 2003 Instructor of Christian Theology, Boyce College, Louisville, KY; Executive Director, CBMW
Will Kynes spring, 2004 Departmental Lecturer in Old Testament at University of Oxford (Keble College)
Michael Hardy spring, 2004 Working in Dallas, TX
Mark Sherid spring, 2004 Associate Pastor, Trinity Bible Church, Phoenix, AZ
Adam Embry spring, 2004 Pastor of Discipleship and Administration, Arapahoe Road BC, Centennial, CO
Joshua Vincent spring, 2004 Pastor, Trinity Bible Church, Phoenix, AZ
Nicholas Piotrowski spring, 2004 Professor at Crosslands Bible College, Indianapolis, IN
Shane Walker spring, 2004 Pastor, Andover Baptist Church, Linthicum, MD
Reuben Hunter fall, 2004 Pastor, Trinity West Church, London, England
Mike Law, Jr. fall, 2004 Pastor, Grace Baptist Church of Arlington, Arlington, VA
Rodrigo Lopez fall, 2004 Associate Pastor, Seguidores Church, El Salvador
Kevin Hsu fall, 2004 Pastor, Urban Grace, Oakland, CA
Flynn Cratty fall, 2004 PhD Student, Yale University, New Haven, CT
Adam McCulloch fall, 2004 Working in East Asia
Ben Woodward spring, 2005 Associate pastor, Immanuel Baptist, Louisville, KY
Kurt Heath spring, 2005 Working in Portland, OR
Mike Law, Sr. spring, 2005 Working overseas in Germany
Sam Lam spring, 2005 Elder, CHBC; Working in Washington, DC
Andrew Sherwood spring, 2005 Working in Louisville, KY
Scott Daniel spring, 2005 Senior Pastor, Grace Bible Church, Holden, ME
Jeff Cavanaugh fall, 2005 Working in Louisville, KY
Paul Curtis fall, 2005 Working in Washington, DC
Mike Gilbart-Smith fall, 2005 Pastor, Twynholm Baptist Church, London, UK
Ricky Hardison fall, 2005 Pastor, Great Crossing Baptist Church, Georgetown, KY
John Power fall, 2005 Pastor, New Covenant Church in Attelboro, MA
Daniel Schreiner fall, 2005 Associate Pastor, Hinson Baptist Church, Portland, OR
John Hardin spring, 2006 Working in Washington, DC
Paul Perdue spring, 2006 Associate Pastor, Eden Baptist Church, Burnsville, MN
Adam Grusy spring, 2006 Elder at Auburndale Baptist Church, Louisville, KY
Jason Berrus spring, 2006 Senior Pastoral Assistant, Redeemer Church of Dubai, UAE
Steve Collins spring, 2006 Working in Asheville, NC
David Mork spring, 2006 Working in Washington, DC
David Cantine fall, 2006 Working in Northumberland, PA
Geoff Chang fall, 2006 Associate Pastor, Hinson Baptist Church, Portland, OR
Johnny Kharrat fall, 2006 Working in the Middle East
Brent Maravilla fall, 2006 Working in Washington, DC
Micah McCormick fall, 2006 Associate Pastor, New Hyde Park Baptist Church, Long Island, NY
Kevin McKay fall, 2006 Pastor, Grace Harbor Community Church, Providence, RI
Justin Wredberg fall, 2006 Working in Raleigh, NC
Royce Hall spring, 2007 Working in Louisville, KY
Peter Hess spring, 2007 Pastor, Christ Fellowship Church, Williamsburg, VA
Eugene Low spring, 2007 Pastor, Grace Baptist Church, Singapore
Nathan Lugbill spring, 2007 Associate Pastor, Castleview Baptist Church, Indianapolis, IN
Kevin McFadden spring, 2007 Professor, Cairn University, Philadelphia, PA
Ben Wright spring, 2007 Associate Pastor, High Pointe Baptist Church, Austin, TX
Noah Braymen fall, 2007 Working for the ERLC in Des Moines, IA
Scott Gurley fall, 2007 Student, SBTS
Ryan Kaupas fall, 2007 Working in Washington, DC
Matthias Lohmann fall, 2007 Pastor, Freie Evangelische Gemeinde, Munich, Germany
Graham Shearer fall, 2007 Working for UCCF in the UK
Josh Wallick fall, 2007 Working in Washington, DC
Mark Collins spring, 2008 Working in East Asia
Justin Leighty spring, 2008 Working for 9Marks in Louisville, KY; Student, SBTS
Travis Rymer spring, 2008 Collegiate Coordinator (NAMB), Providence, RI
Patrick Schreiner spring, 2008 PhD Student, SBTS
Ross Shannon spring, 2008 Assistant Pastor, First Baptist Church of Lapeer , MI
P.J. Tibayan spring, 2008 Pastor, Crossview Church, Los Angeles, CA
David Dewberry fall, 2008 Assistant Pastor, Faith Community Church, Rosslyn, PA; Student, Westminster Seminary
Bobby Jamieson fall, 2008 Assistant Editor, 9Marks; Student, SBTS
Gustav Pritchard fall, 2008 Associate Pastor, Emmanuel Baptist Church, Johannesburg, South Africa
Josh Scherrer fall, 2008 Pastor, Auburndale BC, Louisville, KY
Matthew Smethurst fall, 2008 Associate Editor, The Gospel Coalition
Philip VanSteenburgh fall, 2008 Preparing to work overseas in Dubai, UAE
Ryan Bishop spring, 2009 Pastor, Graham Bible Church, Graham, TX
Garrett Conner spring, 2009 Pastor, La Plata Baptist Church, La Plata, MD
Nik Lingle spring, 2009 Associate Pastor, Christ Covenant church, Raleigh, NC
Josh Manley spring, 2009 Pastor, RAK Evangelical Church
Matt Merker spring, 2009 Pastoral Assistant, CHBC and Student, SBTS
Mark Stam spring, 2009 Working Overseas
Sorin Deac fall, 2009 Pastor, Missio Dei Church, Bucharest, Romania
Mathew Freeman fall, 2009 Working in Washington, DC
Gavin Ortlund fall, 2009 Associate Pastor, Sierra Madre Congregational Church, Seirra Madre, CA
Chris Newkirk fall, 2009 Church Planting Pastoral Resident, Henderson Hills Baptist Church, Edmond, OK
Jonathan Worsley fall, 2009 Pastor, Kew Baptist Church, London, England
Mark Carrington spring, 2010 Working in Central Asia
Paul Conrad spring, 2010 Student, SBTS
Andrew Dunlap spring, 2010 Working in Baltimore, MD
Shai Linne spring, 2010 Assistant Pastor, Del Ray Baptist Church, Alexandria, VA
Brady Tarr spring, 2010 Associate Pastor, Grace Church of Gainesville, Gainesville, VA
James Westbrook spring, 2010 Working at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary , Mill Valley, CA
Matt Felton fall, 2010 Associate Pastor of Ministry Development, Henderson Hills Baptist Church, Edmond, OK
Marcus Glover fall, 2010 Working for Campus Outreach, Washington, D.C.
Tim Gosselin fall, 2010 Working in Washington, DC; Intern, CCEF, Westminster Seminary, in Philadelphia, PA
Alejandro Molero fall, 2010 Pastor, Metro Bible Church, Anzoategui, Venezuela
Joseph Randall fall, 2010 Pastor, Olney Baptist Church, Philadelphia, PA
Zach Schlegel fall, 2010 Assistant Pastor, CHBC
Phill Howell spring, 2011 Pastor, Embassy Church, Arlington Heights, IL
Garrett Kell spring, 2011 Pastor, Del Ray Baptist Church, Alexandria, VA
William ‘Trip’ Barefield spring, 2011 Pastoral Assistant, CHBC
James Owens spring, 2011 Associate Pastor, Grace Harbor Community Church, Providence, Rhode Island
David Russell spring, 2011 Working for Campus Outreach/Elder at CHBC
Mike Shafer spring, 2011 Working in Washington, DC
Barry Cooper fall, 2011 Working for Christianity Explored in London
David Kuhlke fall, 2011 Working in Portland, OR
Justin Ngien fall, 2011 Working in Singapore
Daniel Rieke fall, 2011 Associate Pastor, Hope Church, Houston, TX
Harshit Singh fall, 2011 Pastor, Zion Church, Lucknow, India
Lyle Wetherston fall, 2011 Working in Brisbane, Austrailia
Mike Bradshaw spring, 2012 Working at Sovereign Grace Ministries in Louisville, KY
Brian Chesemore spring, 2012 Associate Pastor, Sovereign Grace Church of Louisville, KY
Tim Chiang spring, 2012 Working in Washington, DC
Robbie Hopkins spring, 2012 Student, SBTS
Justin Perdue spring, 2012 Church planting, Asheville, NC
Rob Smythe spring, 2012 Receptionist, CHBC
Nick Roark spring, 2012 Elder and Pastoral Assistant, CHBC
Eric Beach fall, 2012 Working in Washington, DC
Sam Bierig fall, 2012 Student, SBTS
Kyle Davis fall, 2012 Studying at Westminster Theological Seminary, preparing to go overseas
Steven Harris fall, 2012 Graduate Student, Yale University, New Haven, CT
Jeremy McClain fall, 2012 Elder, CHBC; Working in Washington, DC
Ayo Olajide fall, 2012 Working in London, England
Isaac Adams spring, 2013 Working for T4G & Cross Conference in Washington, DC
Max Benfer spring, 2013 Pastor, Meadowcroft Presbyterian Church, West Chester, PA
Brian Davis spring, 2013 Church Planting Resident, Imago Dei Church, Wake Forest, NC
Alex Duke spring, 2013 Student, SBTS
Nathan Malpass spring, 2013 Assistant Pastor, CrossCulture Church, Melbourne, Australia
Timo Sazo spring, 2013 Pastoral Assistant, Sterling Park Baptist Church, Sterling, VA
Taylor Wehrle spring, 2013 Working in Louisville, KY
John Edwards fall, 2013 Working in Washington, DC
Danny Hindle fall, 2013 Working in Brisbane, Australia
Giancarlo Montemayor fall, 2013 Pastoral Assistant, Highpointe Baptist Church, Austin, TX
John Onwuchekwa fall, 2013 Pastor, Blueprint Church, Atlanta, GA
Abraham Paniagua fall, 2013 Working in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Vinnie Pimentel fall, 2013 Working in São Paulo, Brazil
Jeff Wiesner fall, 2013 Church planting in Denton, TX