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Donna Burke

Donna Burke

Biblical Counselor for Women

Donna was raised in Alabama and moved up to DC in 2010 to study at George Washington University and become part of CHBC. She grew tremendously in her faith in college through discipling relationships at the church as well as being involved in the church’s college ministry, Campus Outreach. After graduating, she joined the Campus Outreach staff team and has loved ministering to college students on several DC campuses over the last four years through evangelism and discipleship. Through being involved in the lives of so many college women, she began to desire more theological and counseling training and so began a Master’s in Biblical Counseling at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, which she hopes to finish in Summer 2018. She and her husband, Kyle, met as students in Campus Outreach, and they married in 2016. They live on the Hill near the church and enjoy being outside and hiking, biking, and exploring as much as possible.