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    Mar 09, 2016

    Class 13: Panel Discussion

    Series: Christians in the Workplace

    Category: Core Seminars


    Questions for Workplace Core seminar #13

    1. Could you each give us a brief history of your time in the workplace, what your work life looks like now, and how long you’ve been at CHBC?


    1. How have you learned about God through your work experience?


    1. (Joan): how do you think about your work differently because you’re a mom?


    1. (Eric): how did you think about your work differently once you married Li?


    1. What makes you different as a boss because you’re a Christian?


    1. What makes you different in serving your boss because you’re a Christian?


    1. (Chris): how can we teach our kids about work?


    1. (Li): how did you make the decision to leave teaching and become a missionary?


    1. What’s some wisdom you’ve gleaned for living with the competing demands that work, family, and church place on your time?


    1. Have you ever had a job you didn’t like? How were you able to work as unto the Lord?


    1. What wisdom would you have for a Christian who wants to be ambitious in a godly way but not in an idolatrous way?


    1. What’s an example of an ethical dilemma you’ve had to manage through at work; how did you think through it as a Christian?


    1. How might single men and single women rightly make different decisions about their careers because of their gender?


    1. What have been the most fruitful ways for you to raise gospel conversations with colleagues?