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    Feb 10, 2019

    Week 8: Panel

    Series: Dating

    Category: Core Seminars


    Core Seminars – Dating
    Week 8

    Questions for the Dating Panel

    Thanks for your willingness to be on the dating panel. If you have never been through the class or read any of the material, it wouldn’t hurt you to get a really quick overview by viewing the teacher’s manuscripts on-line at the church website (under core seminars).

    In regards to questions, I’ve included a few sample questions below. We will not ask all of these questions, but just some of them, and then leave some room for questions at the end.

    1. Give a brief overview of your dating relationship.
    2. What were the best parts of dating in this church?
    3. What were the hardest parts of dating in this church?
    4. MEN: What did it look like when you initiated the relationship, and how well was it received? (WIVES are welcome to comment also about how the husband/fiancée initiated and how it went.)
    5. Generally, what do you think scares men from taking risks both in initiating a relationship?
    6. What temptations do women face while they wait for a man to ask them out?
    7. What are the joys and difficulties of being a woman in a church that teaches biblical Dating?
    8. WOMEN: In what ways did your husband/fiancée lead you well during the dating process? In what ways did he lead you poorly?
    9. MEN: In what ways did your wife/fiancée show that she was responsive to your leading in the dating relationship?
    10. What did it look like to get feedback or input from other couples in the community?
    11. How easy or hard was it for you to make the decision to commit yourself to marrying your spouse? What exhortations or warnings would you give others?
    12. Talk about how your chemistry and attraction has grown in marriage?
    13. How have you grown in insight and understanding by seeing life through your spouse’s eyes?
    14. What does compatibility look like in your marriage?
    15. Knowing what you know now, what would you say to those who are now in the stage of dating someone in or outside of the congregation?