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Great Commission Club

The Great Commission Club class is designed for early elementary school kids to teach them about how the gospel goes out today, in fulfillment of Christ's command in Matthew 28:19 & 20.

The key components of the curriculum break down the Great Commission into its main parts; "go, make disciples, teach them, baptize them & I am with you."  We find that this has been a helpful way for kids to learn and retain this important teaching and how it integrates into the life of the church today.

Each month focuses on a different region of the world: what their religions teach about how to approach God and how that contrasts with the gospel and why Christians would go to bring the gospel there.  We also show how God has been at work in these places during Bible times right up to today (that teaches kids that the Bible is alive, and not just a history book).

We use a variety of teaching methods (sample Lesson Plan): large group assembly, small group lessons with Bible memory (the Great Commission verses and scripture verses which show God at work making His name known in all the earth), snack time (featuring foods from around the world), crafts that focus on the region being studied (country map & flag, clothing, food, travel games, etc.) and games that review the lesson and also help kids join into the idea of traveling around the world to bring the gospel.

We did the research for each country/region using tools such as Wikipedia, Window on the World, and use interactive materials such as Torchlighter Video series, THUMB cards, board games, etc.

We wrote this curriculum in-house as we looked for ways for our church family kids to connect with our supported workers who serve around the world for the sake of the gospel.  There are other curricula out there for various ages that also focus on missions; just Google "missions curriculum for kids" and explore!