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Sister Churches

We don’t assume that we’re the best church for you.  In fact, over the last many decades, CHBC has endeavored with its time, prayers, and money to plant and revitalize churches all throughout the DC metro area.  Why?  We recognize that our church building can be quite full on Sunday mornings, and if you don’t live in our immediate area, we think that you are probably better off joining yourself to a church close to where you live.

In addition to gospel-preaching Presbyterian, Anglican, and non-denominational churches with whom we enjoy warm fellowship, there are a number of churches in this area who share both our doctrinal distinctives and our philosophy of ministry—and who have received staff, members, and money from CHBC.  If you would travel some distance to visit us on Capitol Hill and are looking for a church home, we would warmly encourage you to consider some of these other congregations.

Anacostia River Church began on Easter Sunday of 2015 with three elders and several dozen members from Capitol Hill Baptist Church. They meet at TheARC - Town Hall Education Arts Recreation Center.

1901 Mississippi Ave SE
Washington, DC 20020

Arlington Baptist Church constituted on January 25, 1928 with 18 charter members who desired to establish a faithful Baptist witness in Arlington County.  In 2008, God stirred the hearts of believers at Capitol Hill Baptist Church to form Grace Baptist Church of Arlington. The members called Mike Law Jr. to serve as their pastor and initially met in a member’s home, just a few blocks away from Arlington Baptist Church.  At the invitation of Arlington Baptist, the members of Grace Baptist Church of Arlington joined in the work of the Arlington Baptist Church in July of 2014.  Arlington Baptist meets on Sundays for a 9:30 am Discipleship Hour and a 10:30 am service.

714 S. Monroe Street
Arlington, VA 22204
(703) 979-7344

Cheverly Baptist Church was founded in 2018 by several dozen members from Capitol Hill Baptist Church and other Cheverly residents. Cheverly Baptist Church is currently meeting at Bladensburg Elementary School.

4915 Annapolis Road
Bladensburg, MD, 20710
(301) 887-3537

Del Ray Baptist Church is a historic Baptist church located in Alexandria, Virginia pastored by Garrett Kell and a team of other elders. This church has been going through a revitalization process since 2011 when it began a partnership with Capitol Hill Baptist Church. Del Ray Baptist has a 9:30 am Core Seminar hour, 10:15 am main worship service, and an evening service on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month beginning at 5:00 pm.

2405 Russell Road
Alexandria, VA 22301

First Baptist Church of Upper Marlboro meets at 7415 Crain Hwy, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772.  The church's pastor, Zach Schlegel, previously served on staff at Capitol Hill Baptist Church.

7415 Crain Hwy
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772

(301) 952-0117

Franconia Baptist Church in southern Alexandria, Virginia was founded in 1870. Franconia Baptist Church has a 9:30 am Sunday School hour for adults and children, 10:45 am main worship service, and a midweek Bible Study on Wednesdays at 6:30 pm.

5912 Franconia Road
Alexandria, VA 22310

LaPlata Baptist Church was founded in 1981 and is currently pastored by Garrett Conner, a former staff member from Capitol Hill Baptist Church who arrived in 2010 along with a team of CHBC members to help revitalize the church. LaPlata Baptist meets for worship at 10:45 am and 6 pm on Sundays.

9400 Old Stagecoach Road
LaPlata, MD 20646
(301) 932-1398

New Covenant Baptist Church was founded in July 2020 with 43 charter members of Capitol Hill Baptist Church. It is currently pastored by James Choi, a former elder of CHBC, along with Jeremy Leong, a former CHBC pastoral intern. NCBC aims to be a faithful Gospel witness that reflects the diverse Kingdom of God as well as the community of southern Montgomery County. NCBC's main gathering meets at 2:30 pm on Sundays. Corporate prayer meetings are held on the 2nd Sunday of every month immediately following service. Early morning prayer meetings are also held every Wednesday and Saturday from 6 to 7 am, and Community Groups meet every other week.

Restoration Church is in Northwest DC, pastored by Nathan Knight and Joey Craft. Building on a long relationship between Nathan and 9Marks, Capitol Hill Baptist Church has had the privilege of helping this gospel work through significant financial and pastoral support. The church meets at 10:30 am on Sundays.

3850 Nebraska Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20016

Sterling Park Baptist Church merged with Guilford Baptist Church, which was revitalized in 2005 by a church planting group from Capitol Hill Baptist Church, in the summer of 2013. The church meets at 10:00 am and 6:00 pm on Sundays.

501 North York Road
Sterling, VA 20164
(703) 430-2527

Temple Hills Baptist Church is located in Temple Hills, MD in southern Prince George's County. Its current pastor, Omar Johnson, is a former CHBC pastoral intern, and CHBC has partnered with the church to provide financial, pastoral, and prayer support. Temple Hills Baptist Church meets on Sunday mornings at 10:30 am.
(301) 894-3358

Winchester Baptist Church was commissioned as a church plant from Sterling Park Baptist Church in September 2012. The church meets at 10:30 am on Sundays.

1437 Front Royal Pike,
Winchester, VA 22602 
(540) 664-5859

Iglesia Biblica Sublime Gracia is a Spanish-speaking Baptist Church in Columbia Heights, DC. They covenanted in 2018, sponsored by Restoration Church under the leadership of Alejandro Molero (former CHBC intern in 2010) and Juan Vega (sent by Temple Hills Baptist Church). They have been lovingly serving the growing latino community in the DMV area and faithfully sharing the Christ exalting good news of the gospel in Spanish. They gather on Sundays from 9-11 am.

1501 Columbia Rd. NW,
Washington, DC 20009