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High School



We offer a variety of resources for middle school and high school students in grades 7 through 12 both during the academic year and during the summer:

  • Twice per month, our youth group meets for a time of Bible teaching, singing, games, prayer, accountability & fellowship.
  • One per month, our youth group meets for a time of plain fun and fellowship, engaging in off-campus events such as bowling, laser tag, movie nights, and game nights.
  • 1 on 1 discipling by members of our church.
  • 2 retreats each year to study the Bible more intensively over a weekend.
  • Opportunities to put faith into action through service projects.
  • A summer series overviewing the book of the Old Testament (see below)

An important part of our partnering with parents is coming alongside them to help them think about the challenges of parenting teens.  To that end, we want to help parents by providing:

  • An annual 13-week parenting class taught during the core seminar time on Sunday mornings.
  • Resources that help equip parents with a biblical perspective.
  • Counseling, practical guidance and encouragement to persevere in the great calling of being a parent!
Summer Meetings

The summer is almost upon us which means summer meetings are right around the corner! Our plan is to resume our in-person large group meetings going through books of the Old Testament (no online meetings this summer). We are currently in year 4 of a 5-year plan walking through the Old Testament using the Bible Project as a means to summarize and discuss the Old Testament's application to our lives.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Bible Project, think visual story-telling through video. A short 7-minute video of each book will be followed by teaching and a discussion on how the book points to Christ and applies to our lives today. We know that many of you will be traveling this summer, so feel free to have your son or daughter stop in for as many of the studies as they would like. No need to have come previous summers to enjoy the books of the OT studied this summer. Friends are welcomed and encouraged!  

A schedule of the Friday night studies is below:
July 9 - Hosea
July 16 - Joel
July 23 - Amos
July 30 - Obadiah
Aug 6 - Jonah
Aug 13 - Micah