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Core Seminars: 9:30am on Sundays in our building (525 A St NE). Classes Offered: Membership Matters, Biblical Theology, New Testament, Marriage, and Stewardship.

Main Sunday Service: 10:30am in our building (525 A St NE). Download the logistics guide and bulletin for this service.

In our main service, we currently offer four types of seating: Normal (non-distanced), Distanced (mask-optional), Distanced with masks required, and outdoor. Seating in distanced sections requires pre-registration so we can assign seats. If you're in a mask-required section, there will be people stationed at the doors to show you where the building entrance for that section is. If you will be visiting and would like to sit in the distanced or masked sections, please register here

Sunday Prayer Service: 5:00pm in our building (525 A St NE). View livestream on ZoomDownload the bulletin

In our evening service, we currently offer two types of seating: Normal (non-distanced) and Distanced (mask-optional). If you will be visiting and would like to sit in the distanced section, please register here.

Wednesday Night Bible Study: 7:00pm in our building (525 A St NE). View Zoom Livestream.

Children's Ministry: See information on Children's Ministry and how to sign up.

Anyone is welcome at any of our services.
For information about our membership class and how to join our church, please email .

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