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Childcare During Covid Phased Reopening

Greetings Parents,

We are planning a phased re-opening of Children's Ministry beginning on January 17 2021.  Due to Covid restrictions and exceptional shortages in childcare volunteers,

1. Childcare will be available only for the 10:30 am Prayer Service

2. Childcare will be available only for children ages 2 through 5 (pre-K)

Please note: sign up for childcare AFTER you have signed up to attend the Prayer Service.

Childcare limitations require us to implement a dynamic, multi-step process each week.

STEP 1: Parents must request childcare using the Childcare Request Form.

STEP 2: Parents must complete the Family Covid-19 Prescreening Health Questionnaire.

STEP 3: Children's Ministry will match childcare requests with childcare volunteer availability each week.  We will also determine how many children can be accepted into particular childcare rooms based on current Covid guidance regarding Social Distancing.

STEP: 4: Once all the above factors have been taken into account, parents will be notified of the availability of childcare for them each week. 

STEP 5: Subsequent guidance will be given regarding check-in/-out and drop-off/pick-up of children.

Our number one goal is the safety of your children so we will do everything as directed by the DC Covid Guidance for Childcare and latest Covid-19 directives.

Thank you for your patience as we work through these difficult and challenging times.

Blessings in Christ,

Gio Lynch

CM Administrator