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Serennah Harding

Serennah Harding

Biblical Counselor for Women

During fall of 2019, the Lord put it on Serennah’s heart to physically move closer to CHBC and begin to center her life more and more around the local Church. Up until 2018, she was finishing her residency training and board certification in general practice, Internal Medicine. From 2010 to 2020, she served ten years in the Navy. 

Now, she works in a local medical practice as well as spends her time cultivating friendships and serving within the Church. She has nine siblings scattered along the East Coast and in Sweet Home Alabama; with whom she cherishes any time she can get. She likes to run and paint and laugh with friends and cook. The Lord drew her to Himself at first when she was eleven years old. Later, she veered on a wayward path in her early twenties. Since then, she sees the power of the gospel in her own life, knows God’s mercy, and has experienced the healing only He can bring. She celebrates relationship with the Lord whom she calls her most beloved and trusted Friend. She loves talking with other women about how their stories have been hard or good and how the Lord’s Word applies to every moment of Christian life.