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Childrens Deacons

Child Protection Policy

We take seriously the safety of the children under our care. Please read our Child Protection Policy for helpful information for teachers, caregivers, and parents about the policies we have in place to promote a safe and healthy environment for our children to learn.

PLEASE NOTE: you may use our Child Protection Policy as a guide for drafting a policy but (1) remember that our context may not be the same as your own so will need to be modified to fit you and (2) due to the sensitive nature of our internal policies we will not share any information not already contained in our CPP.

Other Policies We Recommend

In developing our child protection policy, we found the following policies to be helpful starting places.

Sojourn Community Church Children’s Ministry

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

Additional Aspects of Child Protection

Volunteer application & screening, delimited volunteer roles, accident report forms and a system for checking children in and out of classes are all part of protecting children in our care.  These resources are part of our effort at developing a full, multifaceted approach: