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International Students

By God’s grace, universities in Washington, DC attract many students from around the world to study here – many from difficult-to-reach places. The Lord has literally brought the nations to our doorstep! Our aim through the International Student Ministry (ISM) is to reach out to these students and to share with them the good news of Jesus Christ. Our ultimate hope and prayer is that that by ministering to international students, the Gospel would spread throughout the world.

ISM offers international students a number of activities aimed at building evangelistic relationships:

  • English and Bible study classes: ISM conversation-style classes meet from 7:00-8:30PM at the George Washington University campus on Tuesdays and Thursday in the Spring and Fall Semesters. This forms the backbone of the ministry where we often meet students for the first time, teach them English, share the Gospel with them, and introduce them to the other activities we offer.
  • Language Partners: members of the church meet one-on-one to build a friendship with an international student to learn English and to study the Gospel in greater depth. Language partners typically meet 2-3 times per month based on their own schedule.
  • Social events: roughly once-a-month on Saturdays, we host social events during which members of the church and international students get together to do something fun, such as taking tours of the Capitol, visits to museums, trips to Annapolis, hikes, and meals over the holidays.
  • Sunday lunches: share a meal with students after the Sunday morning service at CHBC at our monthly lunch after church.
  • Prayer meetings: monthly meeting to pray for the students by name and to ask God to bring fruit from our ministry.

For more information about our ministry to international students, please contact us.