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    Feb 01, 2020

    Class 12: Panel Discussion

    Series: Suffering

    Category: Core Seminars, Contentment, Suffering, Devotional Life, Personal Holiness, Sanctification & Growth, Perseverance of the Saints, The Gospel


    Suffering Panel Question Ideas (Roughly follows lesson flow):



    1. How did your suffering challenge your view of who God is?
    2. What was the hardest part of your suffering?
      1. How were you most encouraged by others?
      2. How were you least encouraged by others?
    3. Considering the 8 purposes listed from Week 2, which one(s) do you see as unique to your suffering?
    4. Did it help you during suffering to consider the peace and joy we will enjoy with Christ in Heaven?
    5. What were you tempted to trust in other than God?
    6. Are there any ways you feel you reacted poorly and have grown because of this reflection? (Tough question—see Week 5)
    7. Did your understanding of “faith” before suffering and after (if relieved) change?
    8. What was most helpful in your fight for faith?
    9. How did reading/study/meditation/prayer on God’s Word help you during your trial?
    10. Did your experience provide any unique opportunities to minister/encourage others?
    11. Did your experience provide any unique experiences to share the gospel (the hope you have in Christ)?
    12. How would you encourage the audience in terms of their conduct during suffering?