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    Dec 16, 2018

    Class 6: Panel Discussion

    Series: Neighboring

    Category: Core Seminars


    The only questions that everyone will answer is #1 and #2.  I’ll put the others out there, along with questions from the class, and see who wants to answer them. 

    1. Describe your neighborhood, how long you’ve been there, what kind of people live there.
    2. What’s one or two things that you’ve taken away from this class over the last five weeks?
    3. We talked about the difference between evangelism being an “ultimate” motive and evangelism being an “ulterior” motive. What’s that looked like for you?
    4. What have been some of the biggest frustrations you’ve faced in trying to love your neighbors? What have you tried to do about that?
    5. Can you describe a conflict you had with a neighbor and how you approached it differently because you were a Christian?
    6. How have you made it known to your neighbors that you’re a Christian?
    7. How has being a Christian made you think differently about structural, systemic problems in your neighborhood? What’s that prompted you to do?
    8. Talk about the importance of margin in your life as you seek to love your neighbors/neighborhood. How have you tried to create margin?  How have you tried to use it?
    9. Can anyone share a story about a neighbor becoming a Christian? How did that happen?