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    Sep 01, 2020

    Session 5: Panel

    Series: Singleness

    Category: Core Seminars, Contentment, Dating & Courtship, Knowing God's Will, Singleness


    Questions for the Singleness Panel (Week 5)

    On Christian Identity as a Single Adult:

    • In being an employee, what struggles or advantages have you found as a single in the workplace?
    • As a grown adult, can you tell us if your parents are Christians or not and what it has been like to have a relationship with them? What has been hard?  What have you enjoyed? 
    • On being a sexual being: Talking about sex in church is taboo—but we want to be transparent. I shared about the great confusion there is about sexual desires when you are a single. I suggested being open and honest with a few people and not isolating yourself. Any thoughts, comments, suggestions?
    • As a single adult, what are the things that most often compete with your fundamental identity as a Christian? How do you fight off these competing identities and center your life on the gospel?


    On Freedom in the Single life:

    • What has the Lord taught you about stewarding the greater degree of freedom that you have as a single in comparison to married folks? Have you ever thought of singleness as a gift, and if so, how have you wrestled with this idea?
    • What freedoms have you experienced as a single Christian?


    On Biblical Friendship:

    • What principles (biblical or otherwise) are guiding you in biblical friendships with the opposite sex in the congregation?
    • What are the expectations and struggles?
    • What does biblical friendship look like on a day-to-day basis?
    • Anything else you want to add about biblical friendship?


    On Idolatry in the Single life:

    • What idols do you struggle with as a single adult and how do you fight your idols?
    • How have you sorted through your struggle with the idol of marriage?


    On Loneliness & Contentment:

    • Have you ever struggled with loneliness? What kind of lies do you wrestle with? How do you fight for faith as you deal with your loneliness?
    • How have you tried to reach out to connect with others in the church?
    • What does contentment in singleness look like? Do you believe it is possible?  How have you fought for contentment?
    • You’ve been very involved in the lives of a lot of families in the church. How did that get started, what have you learned, and what advice would you give to other singles?