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Internship FAQs


Are internships offered in the summer? No. We offer internships for the Spring (January to May) and the Fall (August to December).

Can I be married and do an internship? Yes, but in any given semester we may not be able to accept as many married applicants, based on our ability to provide housing. In particular, we are considerably limited in the amount of housing that is available for candidates who are married with multiple children. You may still apply if that is your situation, but we want you to know that we have limited family housing spots available.

Can I leave my family at home and move to DC by myself for the internship? We would not look favorably on this idea. It's almost certainly more important for you to be present with your family than to come to this program. If you have a family, you should only apply if you're willing to move to DC with your wife (and children, if applicable) in the event that you're accepted to the internship.

Can I get seminary credit for doing the internship? Certain seminaries, including The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (elective credits through the Ministry Apprenticeship Program) and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (elective credits through the Equip Program), have offered credit hours to those who participate in the internship program. Since it is the seminary’s decision, check with them first.

I’m not sure I want to be a pastor. Can I still do the internship? We encourage those who are seriously considering or currently in pastoral ministry to apply for the program.


How early should I apply? Try to apply at least a year in advance. Spaces are limited, so getting your application in early is wise.

When are the 9Marks Weekender Conferences? We normally request intern applicants to attend a 9Marks Weekender conference (or, for international applicants, a 9Marks International Intensive) as part of the application process. There are spaces available for intern applicants at the Weekenders/Intensives that are held each year in March and September. Invitations to the Weekender are extended to applicants once they have submitted their application for the internship. Since spots at the Weekender are limited, receiving an invitation is contingent on how early you apply and the strength of your application.

Is CHBC able to provide internships for women? Because the internship is for those interested in serving in pastoral ministry as elders, we do not provide internships for women.

Where should I be in my education before doing the internship? A college degree is usually expected for intern candidates. Past interns have applied before, during, and after their theological education.

What if English is not my first language; can I still be an intern? Yes. Please contact us at to discuss the proficiency level of English necessary to benefit from our program.

Do I need to be a citizen of the United States? No. We welcome applications from internationals. Past interns have come from many countries, including Australia, Brazil, India, Kenya, Mexico, Poland, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. We encourage internationals to apply at least one year in advance, as the visa application process can be time-consuming. For internationals who have a strong application, we normally invite you to attend a special week-long version of the 9Marks Weekender conference called an "International Intensive" as part of your internship application process. Due to limited space, this International Intensive has a separate application process that we will discuss with you once you apply for the CHBC internship. Please note that international applicants will need to pay for their own airfare and visas to travel to Washington, DC to attend this International Intensive.

Are there similar internships to CHBC's that you would recommend? Here are several excellent programs that we gladly commend to you which share our focus on the doctrine of the church and include many of the same readings: 

Here are several other great internships we also recommend, though they have slightly different areas of emphasis and focus than our own program:

Intern Life

Is a stipend provided for the interns? Each intern receives a stipend of $1300/month to cover living expenses. We require each intern to purchase health insurance for himself (and his family, if applicable) throughout the duration of the internship.

What is the intern housing like? Housing (including basic utilities) is provided within walking distance of the church building during the internship. Generally, single interns share an apartment, while married interns receive an apartment for their family. Basic furnishings (bed, couch, table & chairs, kitchen items) are provided. Please be advised that most apartments on Capitol Hill are quite small compared to those in other parts of the United States. Storage space is often limited. The buildings tend to be old and lack some modern amenities. Also, a couple of the units are located in basements and thus receive little natural night. There are no yards, so families will need to adjust to using neighborhood playgrounds. We hope that most interns will find that though city living has some challenges and there may be an adjustment period, there are also unique opportunities and joys in living so close to other church members and just steps from wonderful museums and historic sites.

Will I be able to work while doing the internship? The intern program is a full-time commitment. By providing a stipend and housing, interns are freed up from working outside of the church and can spend their time learning about and observing the church.

Can I survive on $1300/month in DC? We recognize that the stipend is modest. Past interns have been able to provide for their needs with this amount, though it may be more challenging for larger families. Since housing is provided, usually health insurance and groceries are the largest monthly expenses for an intern family. A car is convenient but not necessary on Capitol Hill. Many stores are within walking distance.

Where can I send my children to school during the internship? Interns are free to choose whichever educational option is best for their children, including DC public schools, various private schools in the DC area, or home schooling.

Where does vacation fit in with the internship? No vacation is provided, and interns should not expect to travel for personal ministry purposes (speaking engagements, conferences, etc.). The church office is closed on government holidays, though sometimes interns still have papers due on those days. Usually interns have a full day off each Saturday.

How are interns involved in the church? Interns are involved in various ministries of the church. However, interns will not be responsible to oversee any specific ministry. Much of what interns do involves reading, writing and observing the daily ministry of CHBC.